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Rendang And Co : Best Place Indonesian Food Bistro !

Image source : TripAdvisor

Rendang And Co : Best Place Indonesian Food Bistro ! - Rendang And Co is one of the bistros that provides indonesian specialties and is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Rendang and co was founded by Asnul Bahri and was born in Padang city, west Sumatra Province, Indonesia That is one of the reasons why the bistro is named Rendang And Co. 

For Your Info : Rendang is a typical food padang, west sumatra province, Indonesia.

Although the name of the bistro is Rendang and co, the food served is not only rendang but also various indonesian specialties with the aim of introducing Indonesian food to the world.

Here are some typical Indonesian food in Bistro Rendang And Co:

1. Nasi Padang

The first is nasi padang, why? Because this is one of the mainstay menus found in Restaurant And Co. Nasi Padang is rice spiced with indonesian spices with a little vegetables and using side dishes.

2. Bakwan Jagung

Bakwan jagung is a side dish commonly consumed by Indonesians as a companion to rice. Made from special flour and then mixed with corn and then fried makes it taste delicious.

3. Bakso Bakar

Bakso Bakar that are stabbed into a satay skewer and then burned with its signature seasoning, taste very good! This food is also a companion food when eating rice.

4. Martabak Telur 

Martabak telur is a food that is square and sliced into small pieces. It usually contains chopped duck eggs, vegetables and beef.

5. Rendang

Rendang is a food that has spices and is rich in spices. This rendang food is also one of the best food in the world!

The color is black because it is cooked for a very long time up to hours, making the seasoning seep into the chicken meat.

6. Dendeng Balado

Dendeng is buffalo/ beef meat that is sliced very thinly and fried and given sambal that tastes spicy.

7. Various Processed Chickens

The chicken menu is served such as ayam gulai, ayam kari, ayam goreng, and ayam cabai ijo.

8. Pepes Ikan

Pepes ikan is a fish food that is seasoned yellow and then steamed until pervasive. This food is very good when consumed with rice.

9. Sate Ayam And Sate Kambing

Satay is a meat that is cut into small pieces and then grilled on coals with delicious soy sauce seasoning.

10. Soto Ayam

Soto Ayam is a meaty food that is usually served with rice and given chicken suiran. The color of the gravy is usually yellow rich in spices.

That's some food in the Bistro Rendang And Co, actually there's more, if you're curious maybe to get to the place directly Rendang And Co located at:


That's Rendang And Co is best place Indonesian Food Bistro.

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